Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Brady Quinn!!!!

Me: Brady is getting so big it makes me sad.
Patrick: It's OK well just get another one.
Toooo funny! No that is NOT a hint. Just a funny conversation. Plus the logic of a 4 yr old.

He liked his cake but would not touch it until I cut him a small piece. A real gentleman.

Playing with Daddy!
Just looking so cute!!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lilianna!!!

Her cake! She loved it! BUT.... I was so embarrassed! Lili told everyone her cake had big boobies. I need to find a flat chested Barbie. LOL!
She loved her new doll.

Yes, the candle says 6. I couldn't find the other candles. Oh well. She didn't care!

Waiting and Playing!

It's some serious rode rash on his face.
Who loves Daddy? EVERYONE around here!!!! He's the Best!!!!

The Big Surprise!!!

She's getting ready for Daddy to get her present out.
She sees it!!! Do you think she is a little excited?!?!
She LOVES her new ride!

Mom-mom and her man.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Long Time No Post!

OK. My apologies. I did not know that anyone followed my blog until I took a break. A big long one. It has been a long and somewhat challenging winter. Tim has been heavy into his studies. The kids and I rubbing elbows far to much in our what seems to be shrinking house while we are kept inside by the cold. I had major shoulder surgery in January and am finally starting to be able to do things again. The weather seems to be getting a bit warm and the sound of birds is promising. A new season is soon upon us.

This season will bring much change again for our Gang. We are going to have to change the name of our blog. We are not headed back to the Farm but to California. YIKES! You will have to stay tuned for this exciting adventure. I plan to blog our way across the US.

I will do my best to keep better updates. I am almost to being able to hold a camera. Actually that will be a few months. We shall see. Any how. Enjoy the past few months that are now caught up. Many Blessings and lots of Love to all of you!!!!